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And finally, here is the slide show:

The slide show has been converted to a pdf, and I removed a couple of the pictures that contained real people that weren't us, since we weren't the permission holders to publish the photos.  You should be able to find the pictures from the links.  We think that anything copyrighted is properly attributed, and any text that isn't is original, or was not attributed in the source.  We hope you enjoy the show.

Click on the link below to download.  It's a big file, so it may take a few minutes:

You might be an organ geek IF:

This is the quiz that we gave to the attendees of our workshop on the organ at last week's American Guild of Organists Regional Convention in Hampton Roads, VA.  The slide show that accompanied the presentation can be found in the next post.  I hope.  I've had some trouble getting this posted because of file size restrictions, but hopefully that is sorted out.
Click the link below for the quiz:

Dinner a la Turque

Tony has a number of graduate students - in fact, I gather, quite a large group, at least for CMU.  This can have its frustrations, but it also has its benefits from time to time, and tonight was one of those occasions.  His student Fatma was in the mood to cook Turkish food, and asked if we would like to be the beneficiaries.  That falls into the category of entirely unnecessary questions.  

Ad hoc blogging - this time it's gardens...

My daughter-in-law Kelly is an experienced blogger as such things go - she has been running her own blog, Sundrenched Moments, for about a year and a half.  So I asked her some questions about how to go about organizing your blog, if that is the right word, and she gave me some sound advice, which I promptly ignored.  That sound advice was "focus on a niche."  So I guess I'm supposed to be the "go-to" place for people who are interested in stamps issued by the Ruritanian government between 1947 and 1953, or people who make sock puppets and perform politica

Man the barricades!

I've joined the no-knead revolution.  Blame my son (and webmaster) Adrian.  He and Kelly, the new DIL, visited us last month and he demonstrated the bread he had been making at home, which is the "quick" version of the NYTimes no-knead bread.  The first loaf tasted good but wasn't quite the way he wanted it, and the second loaf was perfect.  We had sort of a bake-off, because I was also making what we call "crack bread" - a very more-ish sort of w

Homage á Scy-Chazelles

This isn't a "homage" in the sense that Scy-Chazelles is dead - far from it.  It is I who am dead, in the sense that I'm not there any more.  I apologize to my readership, by the way, for the massive lack of posts.  Once I got home life rather overtook me, not to mention a boatload of houseguests, and things are just reverting to whatever passes for normal around here.  (More on what passes for normal in a later post.)

My dinner with André...

...although actually it was with a bunch of people, none of whom are named André.  The night before we left Metz we had a dinner party, because, after all, why not?  We had champagne to use up, among other things.  So we ended up with 7 adults, 1 teenager, 1 toddler, and a small dog. 

Does happiness reside in pastry boxes? - part 3

In one of my former posts I indicated that, in the spirit of rigorous formal research, I would continue to check out the pâtisserie, just in case the right one makes you happy forever.  This morning Tony returned from the boulangerie with the following exciting package:
I forebore to ask what it contained, so as to be surprised at lunchtime.  To carry us through, he also brought the following:

A photo journal of Metz

As one of my very last French blog entries, I am going to post various pictures of Metz,
so that hopefully you can see why I like it so much.  These photos have been taken over the last several years, and several of them were taken by Matt Sware, who may sue me if he likes.  However, he will then be written out of the will. 

And for Adrian, Yvonne, and other meat lovers...

Here is the promised post, of pictures of meat.  I'm putting a random picture of something else first, so that the thumbnail pic doesn't ruin the day of those who find such pictures unappealing...