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Hipster Chipmunk

I've probably whined about this in print already, but I have a rogue chipmunk in my garden.  He has dug holes throughout my yard, assisted no doubt by the decayed roots of a maple tree that died and we had to cut down probably 8 years ago.  There is one particularly irritating burrow that emerges right in the middle of the bed you see here.  This has several annoying features.  First of all, if I try to water anything planted in that area, the water all runs down the hole.

Kitchen part 3

Well, here it is, painted.  And just so you all know how dedicated I am, I'm actually paying for internet access at Midway - unfortunately, they aren't as enlightened in Chicago as they are in Pittsburgh and Albuquerque...
So, here are some more pictures:

Kitchen part 2

This is the next in the series of posts (it sounds better when it is part of a series) about the kitchen renovations.  I was planning to post this last week, but I had spotty (and rather flaky) internet access, so it wasn't really possible.  (The first post is titled "The Philistines have arrived.)  On the left is Edmund, working hard (at least when I was watching) at removing the end and trim tiles from the wall behind the breakfast table.  Any OSHA reps who

We eat well in Pittsburgh, too...

Lest anyone think that I believe that the only place one can get nice food is France, I have to set the record straight.  There is a lot of wonderful food in Pittsburgh - I guess the main difference is that you have to sort through a whole lot of, shall we say, less wonderful stuff to find it.  And there is certainly no equivalent to the Covered Market here.  The farmer's markets are the same idea, just a whole lot smaller.  At any rate, here is the main part

The Philistines have arrived...

... armed with paint stripper, and here is the result:
To those of you who read the last blog post and were hoping for clemency for the magnificent work of aleatory art that emerged from the first round, I can only say I'm sorry.  The temptation was too strong.

Yes, but is it art?

Or is it archaeology?  Or is it just really ugly? 

Cats I have known

In the spirit of avoiding a niche for my blog, I'm going to digress from gardening for the nonce and do a post on two of the most important denizens of my household, along with some guest appearances.  If you have read the "About Me" entry you will know that I am unpaid staff to a couple of Birmans, and here they are, in an uncharacteristically close proximity.  Other than dinnertime, they don't usually hang out together, at least when we can see them.  (I ha

And the REALLY 'sauvage' part of the garden:

As I was getting some music out of the car today, I realized that I should photograph the truly wild part of my garden - the side area in the back of the house, next to the driveway.  (Our driveway is more or less behind our house.)  At one point I planted things in a somewhat orderly fashion, but nature has taken over, red in tooth and claw, and only the fittest survive back there.  As a result I have a combination of things I planted that have pretty much complete

Night garden

It's finally raining here - it hasn't really rained since the bizarre day last month that we got over 2" in one hour - a record.  To celebrate, I'm going to post a few pictures I took yesterday - not really at night, but at twilight.  It is interesting how different things look at that time of day, and how the pale flowers and silver foliage really jump out at you.

Erratum... and a short discussion of laundry

I got a lovely long email from our friend Marie-France Rauber from Scy-Chazelles.  She is possessed of excellent and extensive English - rather better than ours, probably, if the truth be told.  She has checked through my posts about life in France, and told me, to my relief, that they are mainly accurate.  However, she corrected me on one critical item - the laverie.  She writes "There are "lavoirs" and laveries", 2 different places.