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Condiment soup

I'm sure that just about everybody east of the Mississippi is posting their snow pictures, and I was never one to miss a trend.  Everyone in Pittsburgh has been buying milk and toilet paper in the past few days, but since I tend to be oblivious to these things, I didn't.  So I decided to put up a food post - about what to do when you have to hunker down and eat from the back of the freezer and pantry.

Corbaille Blanc Cuisine

I've made this pic a bit bigger than usual so that you can savor all of the details.  As many of you know, our friend Sara is living with us while she attends culinary school.  What you might not know, however, is that Sara and I are developing an internet cooking show called Corbaille Blanc Cuisine.  In case you're wondering, that means "White Trash Cooking" in French, although, like sac du chien (doggie bag) it is a phrase that might puzzle an a

Back to blogging...

after a possibly undeserved break.  (That's Cato taking a break in his new luxury box, purchased at great expense from Costco, with bonus sweet potatoes.) 
It's winter.  What can I say?  All we can do is look for the silver linings.  So I'm going to count some of my blessings.  Not the obvious "wonderful family and friends" sort of blessings, (for which I'm vastly grateful, BTW!) but some of the possibly less obvious things.

The Lady Makes an Appearance

Well, Callie Jayne Borzillo finally made an appearance last night, 3 days late.  She doesn't look like baby Joey over there, you'll be happy to hear.  I came home from the hospital last night about 2:30 a.m. and crawled into my bed, which is in John's (age 3) room.  John was in bed and asleep well before we went to the hospital, so he didn't know anything about what was transpiring.

This team clearly isn’t the 2008 Steelers – but why?

Another post from my series on "Behind the Steel Curtain," with selected comments:
One of the things that had people so excited about this year’s team is the fact that there were not very many personnel changes from last season’s championship team.  I think that the general feeling was that we would just continue on from where we left off, and that consequently we would be unstoppable.  And therein lies the fallacy that fools choral conductors, and possibly football coaches, every time.  

My take on coaching, the culture of the NFL and the quest for excellence

I have been doing a series of posts on Behind the Steel Curtain comparing football (and specifically this year's Steelers) and choral music.  A few people have asked me to repost those here, and so here is the next post, along with some of the more interesting and relevant comments I got.  Here it is:


At last, music may get some money thrown at it in the NFL

Well, sort of, anyhow.  Chad Ochocinco, a man that I am required to despise as a condition of my citizenship in Steeler Nation, is nonetheless finding a place in my heart lately.  If only he weren't a Bengal.  But check out this link, which just goes to show the lengths he will go to in his apparent quest to bring music to the masses:

Lady in Waiting

In honor of Cecily's extremely impending trip to the labor room, I have to share a story about her son John.  He is well aware that there is a baby in mommy's tummy, and this apparently got him to thinking, because he asked Cecily a month or so ago how the baby was going to get out.  Cecily started to give him some bogus reply, but decided instead to tell him a greatly simplified version of the facts.

Random Acts of Knowlegde, er, Knowledge

It's amazing, the things you can learn by getting a bit outside your backyard.  I went to Volkwein's this morning (largish music store in the western burbs) to rent a glockenspiel. (Picture included for those of you who don't know what that is, Tim...)  Why would I want to do that, you may ask? Simple - I need one for the Camerata concerts tonight and next weekend.