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About Tuesday's dinner...

I got tired of starting all my posts with "I really should do x___."  Yesterday's shopping trip was to the local Champion Supermarché, so you will have to wait a few days for picture of the market.  Here is what I brought home:
1.  A bunch of radishes

I really should go to bed...

...but I can't deny my breathless readership the chance to hear about yesterday's dinner.  Actually, since it is after midnight, I suppose it is really the day before yesterday.  That would be Monday.  You may recall that Sunday was, quel horror!, the day that the stores weren't open.  Yesterday they were all open for business, and this is some of what I acquired:
1. A box of beautiful red tomatoes that actually taste of tomato.

I really should go and practice...

... but I had to reply to Yvonne's comment:  "I love that you took pictures of the contents of your fridge."

This will be a quick one -

just a few words (and a picture, presumably worth a thousand of them) of Saturday's lunch.  This is why cooking in France is so fun - because you don't have to do much of it if you don't want.  But first, the picture:

Well, since blogging is more fun than working...

...I'm actually going to produce a blog post.  And since I'm in France, and since France is about food, mainly, I've decided to blog about cooking in France for the next few weeks.  Our gite (holiday house) has an exceedingly modestly equipped kitchen, but it is a kitchen.  It all works, except for the rather ancient electric stove, which quits working if you make the mistake of boiling water in the electric kettle at the same time as heating the oven and running a burner.  (That's easily enough mended by a short visit to the fuse box, though.)  We've been here a we

More stuff in my AD capacity...

We musicians at The Pittsburgh Camerata are gearing up for our last set of concerts of the 08-09 season (where did the year go!?), so it is time to fling a bit of information out to the virtual universe, and hope that the universe doesn't yawn in our face... It is difficult to imagine a greater contrast between our Winter program, "Nocturnes - Songs of Love and the Night," and the upcoming program. For "Nocturnes" I deliberately programmed with the intention of creating an edgier 'feel' to the evening than is typical of our concerts.

This is a discussion thread from The Pittsburgh Camerata's Facebook group page.

I just discovered that although group pages are open to all Facebook members, they are not available to non-members, and so I've decided to copy the thread onto my blog so that the access will be more general. If you enjoy this discussion, consider signing up for Facebook and joining our group page - I am going to be doing this for all of our concerts from now on, unless people beg me to stop. So without further fanfare, here is the discussion, (very) slightly edited: Post #1 I have brilliant ideas from time to time. They generally create work for other people.

After that incredibly exciting and compelling first post...

... you must be breathlessly awaiting the second one. Well, life has overtaken me this spring, and I don't have as much time as I expected to share my random musings with my clamoring public. If you're dying for an interesting and free read while you wait, check out Greg Sandow's blog. It is amazingly interesting - far more than mine will ever aspire to be. So why do it at all? Well, I'm not, for the moment. But my theory is that it's cheaper than therapy.

Should I be looking at this website?

It depends on whether your parents gave you permission or not...

welcome to my website

I'm sure that this will be the first of many posts.