Night on Bald Mountain (Organ Transcription)


This is a rather difficult transcription of the iconic Moussorgsky piece.  (Who am I kidding - it's really difficult.  I wouldn't attempt it myself.  It was transcribed for Adam Brakel.)  It's very effective if I do say so myself - the premieres were played on three different instruments, one a 2 manual Cassavant, and it worked very well on all of them, thanks to Adam's virtuosity and clever registrations.  (There are suggested registrations in the score which are merely a guide to the desired sound colors.)  This is my first organ transcription, and may be my last, as it took forever... 
I didn't include a midi file with the score, but if you want one feel free to send me a message when you purchase the arrangement and ask for it.

A cappella
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Night on Bald Mountain (Organ Transcription)