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Kitchen part 2

This is the next in the series of posts (it sounds better when it is part of a series) about the kitchen renovations.  I was planning to post this last week, but I had spotty (and rather flaky) internet access, so it wasn't really possible.  (The first post is titled "The Philistines have arrived.)  On the left is Edmund, working hard (at least when I was watching) at removing the end and trim tiles from the wall behind the breakfast table.  Any OSHA reps who are reading this will please note that he is wearing approved eye protection.  The protection gets better: 

Here you see the assistant known only as Darth Sander.  He was prepared to sand and TSP the cupboards in preparation for painting.
I decided to spare you all the picture of Edmund preparing to cut up stuff on the table saw.
Although I couldn't always be available, I had a wonderful assistant supervisor, and you can see Cassie hard at work, making sure that Edmund kept his nose to the grindstone.
On the wall behind Cassie you can see that we have now gotten the beadboard up over the old tile.  There was a small hitch when the contact cement didn't do the job we expected it to, but Liquid Nails came to the rescue.  Honestly, if you can't do it with Liquid Nails, duct tape, and/or joint compound, it pretty much doesn't get done around our house.
Here is the famous door from former posts, coated with primer.  As is the beadboard, cupboard door, and wall.  I actually stuck the pictures up quickly because we had company coming, but they came down the next morning for the final paint coat.  You'll get to see that in the next post.  BTW, note the baseboard under the beadboard - it was some old shelving we had sitting around the basement, cut to size and topped with molding.  I was pretty pleased to get rid of it, as it had come from our previous house and been sitting down there for 11 years. 
Here's a better picture of the corner.  You'll get the rest of the kitchen in subsequent posts, but I'm going to have to catch my plane pretty soon, so I'll defer them until the next free wireless...