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Cats I have known

In the spirit of avoiding a niche for my blog, I'm going to digress from gardening for the nonce and do a post on two of the most important denizens of my household, along with some guest appearances.  If you have read the "About Me" entry you will know that I am unpaid staff to a couple of Birmans, and here they are, in an uncharacteristically close proximity.  Other than dinnertime, they don't usually hang out together, at least when we can see them.  (I have my theories about when we can't see them...)
As you can see, Lexi (the blue point, "blue" in this instance meaning "gray") is very tense. 
This pose is typical.  Other than sleeping, she mainly likes bothering Tony in his office - chewing his pens, licking the ink off of freshly printed documents (she has a substance abuse problem) and parading across the keyboard.
Cato is a bit more laid back than Lexi.  You can see below that his idea of a good time is curling up with a good book.  In this case it is a book of French harpsichord music.  Many people find that soothing, and apparently he also finds it restful. 
When they aren't sleeping, the cats are busy with important business.
In the photo below, Cato is overseeing our contractor, rather literally:
You have to keep an eye on your contractor, especially around Christmas time, as they might make off with your presents.
Lexi leaves these matters to Cato - she has other fish to fry.  One of the things that she is constantly practicing is getting into things that might turn out to be interesting or useful.  Plastic bags are a favorite - you never know what might be in them, and if it turns out nothing is, you can always lick the plastic (another one of her weaknesses.)  In the picture below, she decided to see how small a box she could fit into.  (She is also a bit concerned about her weight, and has a very small appetite.  Some people keep a pair of pants that are almost too small to judge their weight by - she has a shoebox.  A small shoebox - one that a pair of dinky sandals came in.  (Truthfully, she was lured into the box by our friend Kara, who is also known as The Cat Whisperer.)
I promised some guest appearances, and they are coming.  But first, as sort of a palate cleanser, here is a picture of an exceedingly strange moth that was hanging out, literally, at Costco today.  I call him the Moth 'o Death - there is no way that this photo shows how truly strange he (or she - we weren't introduced) looked.  The wings are sort of curled over, and the pattern on them looks rather like army camoflage.  The head and body, taken together, look like Darth Vader.  I have absolutely no idea what it is.
So now, back to cats.  We currently have two guest cats residing with us (along with our friend Sara, who is going to culinary school).    Here is Dobson, the male of the pair, looking like one of those pictures of orphans with enormous eyes that they used to sell in the dime store.  He is actually rather skittish, so it is amazing that he sat still long enough for this picture.  The skittishness is undoubtedly due to major mistreatment, such as a plethora of kitty treats and a loving home.  It's hard to write a compelling autobiography if nothing bad has happened to you...
Cassie is his sister, and she is much bolder, and, dare I say it, fatter.  She likes to sit on the newel post and look for trouble.  As you can see, they look very much alike - it takes a while to figure out how to tell them apart.
And finally, a couple of shots of Judah, who lived with us (along with Sara) for a short time about 5 years ago.  Judah was a bit of a troublemaker, as you can see from the photo:

We finally discovered the reason, and Judah's secret:

It turned out that he had a drinking problem.  Unfortunately, he wasn't ready to admit that he had a problem.  "I never drink before 9 am."  "I can handle it - that picture on the mantel was a total set-up.  I didn't do it, I swear..."  Suffice it to say that no beer was safe when Judah was in the house.  Sadly, we had to ask him to leave.  Sometimes tough love is the best love.


Jordan thinks this is by far

Jordan thinks this is by far the best blog post ever. Though she seems to think Sara's cat is our Roy... I keep telling her Roy is far bigger but she doesn't believe me. -Kate

they sold orphans at the dime

they sold orphans at the dime store? sheesh!

That's where I got my kids...

...but don't tell them, they think they were adopted.