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The Unbearable Lightness of Being Without a Passport

Rather than explain to everyone individually why I've been AWOL, I decided to put up this post to let you know what I've been up to. I've been away, and as so often happens when one is away, things didn't quite work out how I had planned.

A Refreshing Summer Post

Sorry for the hiatus - I was experiencing what you might call technical difficulties in France, and since I've been back I've been experiencing time flow issues.  (Translation - vacuuming up cat hair, deadheading the perennials, putting together programs, etc. - all the stuff that backed up while we were gone.)  Well, it's hotter than a pistol here in Pittsburgh, and so to help any of you that are dealing with the same problem, I'm going to tell you about Jamaica.  

Another Birthday Shout-out, in English this time

This is a picture of the birthday girl, Kelly, who is my first daughter-in-law and the mother of my most recent grandchild. Note that she is smiling in the picture. You would be hard-pressed to find a picture of her where she isn't smiling, and that is because she is almost always smiling.

The Trouble with Homonyms

I've been thinking a good bit about language recently. For one thing, I've been in two non-English countries in the past month. As my last post indicated, I visited Edmund in Mexico, and now I'm in France. We have been coming to the same place in France for five years now, and I've been trying to pick up some French. For one thing, relatively few people here speak much of any English, and for another I think it is unreasonable to expect other people to speak English when you go to their country.

A Birthday Shout-out, in Welsh

Penblwydd hapus i chi, 
Penblwydd hapus i chi, 
Penblwydd hapus i David, 
Penblwydd hapus i chi.
That, in case you are wondering, is what the "happy birthday song" looks like in Welsh.  I hear, in related news, that Wales has been negotiating with the Wheel of Fortune people to buy a few more vowels...

A Belated Memorial Day Shout-out

I got pretty busy over the weekend, what with one thing and another, and didn't get this posted, but I didn't want to let the opportunity slip completely out of my grasp. 

A Grandma, again!

Here's the latest grandbaby - another boy.  So far my grandchildren are making the law of averages look pretty silly - 6 boys and one lone girl!  But we like boys, too, so we've given his parents permission to keep him.  (Something tells me they would have done that in any case.)  

The Lady Makes an Appearance

Well, Callie Jayne Borzillo finally made an appearance last night, 3 days late.  She doesn't look like baby Joey over there, you'll be happy to hear.  I came home from the hospital last night about 2:30 a.m. and crawled into my bed, which is in John's (age 3) room.  John was in bed and asleep well before we went to the hospital, so he didn't know anything about what was transpiring.

Lady in Waiting

In honor of Cecily's extremely impending trip to the labor room, I have to share a story about her son John.  He is well aware that there is a baby in mommy's tummy, and this apparently got him to thinking, because he asked Cecily a month or so ago how the baby was going to get out.  Cecily started to give him some bogus reply, but decided instead to tell him a greatly simplified version of the facts.

The Thanksgiving Table

I hope that you all had as great a Thanksgiving as we did.  Edmund, Adrian, Kelly, and the as-yet-unnamed grandchild were all here.  (To be fair, the grandchild won't be born for another 5 months, so there's plenty of time to pick a name!)  Kelly, who is really good at decorating, offered to do the table, and I gladly took her up on it.  (My idea of table decorations is to shake the crumbs off the tablecloth, although sometimes we don't get quite that fancy.)  So Kel